Women’s health

“Since seeing Janine I feel more centred and grounded, and have a much better level of general health and well-being. I have learnt to really know my body and its signals, so I avoid becoming ill.”
– Paula, East Sussex

Janine has been treating women of all ages with acupuncture for almost 30 years

She has run individual and group sessions to help prepare couples for positive birth experiences, and has attended home and hospital births. She has two children of her own, and two grand daughters.

Janine is also a Body Control Pilates-trained exercise teacher and uses her expertise in this to augment her acupuncture.

She helps women find a new balance in their lives between work and mothering.

Janine sees many women who are going through the process of menopause and ageing. She uses acupuncture, together with advice on exercise, diet and lifestyle.

She helps her patients feel more comfortable and positive about this change of phase and role in their lives, and is planning to offer workshops around this process.

See Events page for Uplift workshops around Prolapse and Pelvic Floor/Bladder issues.

Last updated: March 2020