What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one part of a whole system of traditional Chinese medicine, which also includes herbs, massage, exercise and dietary therapy, and has been used for several thousand years to help maintain good health.

“Janine has helped me with physical and emotional challenges in my life over many years, and I remain in awe at the power of acupuncture.”
— Gail, Brighton

Rather than focusing only on specific symptoms, acupuncture is used to diagnose and treat the whole person. Because of this, people often experience an overall sense of well-being with treatment, not just an alleviation of certain symptoms. Acupuncture is suitable for everybody, including children and babies (and yes, Janine does also treat men—often partners of her women patients).

Acupuncture with Janine

Acupuncture with Janine begins with an initial in-depth consultation of about 1.5 hours. You will be asked about your health concerns and, if you have one, your present condition, its history and any treatment you have had or may be having. Janine will discuss your overall health history, work, diet and lifestyle. Very fine needles are then inserted to stimulate points on
invisible pathways of energy beneath the skin’s surface, which are connected to the body’s internal organs.

The sensation, often experienced as a tingling or dull ache, is mild and brief. Often there is a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation. Most patients are pleasantly surprised to find that treatment with needles is not unpleasant (even if they are very anxious to begin with).

Sometimes moxa, a smouldering herb, is used to enhance the beneficial effect of the needles. It tonifies and warms the body’s energy: Janine’s patients have likened it to ‘sunshine in winter’.

Last updated: March 2020